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July 23(Sat.)
"Artist's talk"

"The Record of the Record of the Time"

Guided Tour
July 22(Friday) - October 2(Sunday), 2005 Gallery A, B, 5F Lobby, Entrance Lobby

Main Works

"Institutional Dream Series"

In this performance Anderson slept in various public places to see if the place would affect her dreams. She chose places like public bathrooms, a park bench and the public library.

Photo: Geraldine Pontius

"Self-Playing Violin"

Modified violin with built-in speaker.

Courtesy of Laurie Anderson

"Duets on Ice"

In this performance Anderson played the "Self-Playing Violin". The pre-recorded music is a loop without a beginning or an end. So she wore a pair of ice skates with their blades frozen into blocks of ice, so that when the ice melted the concert was over.

Photo: Bob Bielecki


The needle mounted in the bow is lowered onto the record on the turntable built onto the violin. The record consists of several tracks of violin notes and phrases. For the exhibition the instrument has been automated.

Photo: Bob Bielecki

"Handphone Table"

Powerful drivers which compress and amplify sound are embedded in the table. The listener can only hear the tape sound source by placing elbow in the depression of the table's surface and covering the ears. Sound is conducted from tape through driver, screw, elbow, skull. The cranial cavities effectually become speakers.

Courtesy of Canal Street Communications

"The Clone"

Excerpt from video "What You Mean We?" in which Anderson electronically alters herself to play her own clone.

"Video Bow"

"Lipstick" video camera mounted on violin bow, used in "Stories from the Nerve Bible".


A dish eight feet in diameter fitted with forty eight speakers is suspended from the ceiling. The listener stands directly below and hears sound that is focused in the center. In "Whirlwind" the sound moves in circular as well as vertical patterns.

Courtesy of Canal Street Communications


"Wordfall" is an electronic artwork that was commissioned by World Expo 2005 in Aichi Japan. Japanese phrases are animated In a downward falling sequence on an LED panel. The English translations of the phrases appear to fall into an electronic pool, generating concentric waves of words. Synchronization is controlled by custom made software.

Courtesy of conversation & company ltd.