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Oct 21(Fri.)
Oct 23(Sun.)
"Non-deterministic attitudes -video art 1970-80"

Nov 5 (Sat.)
"Toward the Informational Architecture of the 21st century"

Nov 6(Sun.)
"ised@ICC : making the society open"

Dec 4(Sun.)
"environment/ thing / body / technology"

Dec 10(Sat.)
"Talk with Professor Ichiro Hariu"

"Music for "hibi" 13 full moons"

Nov 19(Sat.) -

Dec 4(Sun.) -
Live Performance


Dec 10(Sat.), 11(Sun.)
Workshop : "PICSYgumonji"

Sound Event

Dec 16(Fri.) -25(Sun.)
Sound Installation

Dec 17(Sat.)
Talk Event&TAKAHASHI Yuji Concert

Dec 18(Sun.)

October 21(Friday) - December 25(Sunday), 2005 Gallery A, B, 5F Lobby, Entrance Lobby

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Germany in Japan 2005/2006 "MobLab" (Oct.15-Nov.6, organized by MobLab Committee, Goethe-Institut) is a live art & communication project with young artists from Japan and Germany (MobNauts), who develop creative ideas with mobile technology while traveling Japan in a bus. ICC welcomes "MobLab" bus and MobNauts!

Date: October 21(Fri.) [Finished]

12:00 -18:00 Bus stays at Tokyo Opera City(near the crossing of Koshu-kaido and Yamanote-dori streets) and be open to the public, MobNauts develops projects.

18:30 - 21:00 Talk & Live "MobLab Hour"
Capacity : 150 persons (first-come basis)
Venue : ICC 5F Lobby

*admission free

Daisuke Ishida + Ken Furudate, exonemo (Yae Akaiwa + Kensuke Sembo), AGF (Antye Greie), Sven Gareis, Stefan Riekeles


MobLab in Tokyo-area followed by:
Oct. 22(Sat) afternoon: Fujino workshop for art(Kanagawa Pref.)
Oct. 22(Sun) daytime: Yokohama Triennale, night: live @ graf media gm: YOKOHAMA

Live on the Internet
Talk Event will be broadcasted on the internet.

Daisuke Ishida Ken Furudate
exonemo AGF
Sven Gareis Stefan Riekeles

Live performance