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Installation "opensea"
June 4(Sat.)
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June 5(Sun.)


April 29(Fri.)
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April 30(Sat.)
"Meet the artists"

May 1(Sun.)
"Open nature"

June 11(Sat.)
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May 3(Tue.)
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Sound workshop
"Sine Waved Continuum"

May 5(Thu.)
Kids' workshop
"Biopresence's DNA Cooking!"

April 29(Friday) - July 3(Sunday), 2005 Gallery A, B, 5F Lobby, Entrance Lobby


"open Nature" focuses on the "nature" infiltrated in our daily lives through digital information environments, and aims to redefine it as an "open" concept that clears the way for a broader range of relationships between art and technology.

Seen through that filter of information technology, our perception of "nature" today extends to structures of various shapes and scales. Technology enables us to travel through virtual realities made from data gathered in outer space or the deep sea, or explore on a nano-level the nature of the human body through genetic engineering, thus has made visible a nature we are unable to experience first-hand.

It was especially the leaping progress in complex science in the 1980s that marked a crucial turning point in the variable outlook on nature our information environments have been offering. Using computers to simulate formation and transformation processes of various phenomena in biology, meteorology, economy, traffic, etc., science and technology suggest a new approach basing the definition of "nature" not on maps or materials, but on patterns instead. At the same time, the spread and configuration of information as an autonomous mass beyond human intent has given rise to a new perspective considering humans not as merely objective observers, but as nodal points to the information flow.

While artistic expression has been imitating and simulating nature primarily as an external object, the new type of nature generated inside the computer, involving forms of organization beyond the powers of our stereotyped sensory awareness, presents media art with a new vision. Going in line with current trends in science and technology, philosophy, politics and economy, artists have begun to see the world embracing individuals and social communities, cities and space, as a process in which various forms of information flow interact with each other.

In topics coupled as oddly as "mankind and vegetation", "climate and architecture", "spheres and sounds", or "Internet and marathon", this exhibition presents works and projects from the fields of art, design, and architecture. The displays interlink and convert in a creative way a variety of different forms of information from a challenging new perspective, and evidence sensitivity to social issues and new forms of perception established by digitalized information and communication environments.

Qualities that seem opposing by nature, such as micro/macro, visible/invisible, analog/digital, or material/immaterial, melt together to form a new "nature". Perceivable objects and phenomena invite visitors to the exhibition to imagine the vast amounts of information flowing dynamically behind the scnenes, and ultimately embark on a quest for potential relationships and new possibilities.