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Aug 21(sat.)
Artists' Talk

Sep 24(Fri.), Oct 16(Sat.)
"The Bell and the Glass"Concert

Oct 13(Wed.)
Symposium &Concert

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August 20 (Friday), 2004 - October 17 (Sunday), 2004 Gallery A, B, 5F Lobby, Entrance Lobby


Advances in technology are changing how we share knowledge and altering how the individual actor is conceived, undermining the concept of the individual genius creating art ab novo. We experience that pulsing creative connection in our everyday lives—launching websites, swapping files, mailing lists, search engines, making effective use of new technologies.

Stimulation from other fields, ceaseless dialog, references to works from the past: the mix is generating new creative activity that points to the potential of more collective forms of knowledge. While certainly not made possible only through the development of digital technology, attempts to expand the expressive potential of the reactive response to stimuli and to range freely across genres and recombine existing values have increased remarkably thanks to the development of that technology.

In this exhibition, we offer an opportunity to consider the relationship between technology and art suggested by these trends, through the works of artists who enable one to appreciate and/or experience the words "Reactivity—Unpredictable Past.” The exhibition will present the work of artists who freely range across a variety of expressive genres, including games, animated films, music, and the Internet.

Participating Artists

0100101110101101.org, Mathieu BRIAND, exonemo, KUWAKUBO Ryota, Christian MARCLAY, Amit PITARU, portable[k]ommunity, Eddo STERN, DU Zhenjun

Space design: Klein Dytham Architecture
Graphic design: Higraph