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April 23 (Friday), 2004 - June 27 (Sunday), 2004 Gallery A, B,5F Lobby


In recent years, many museums throughout Japan have been hosting media artist solo exhibitions and group shows. No longer a marginalized tendency, media art has come to be recognized as a legitimate part of the greater diversification of contemporary art expressions. Similarly, art schools have also established media-related faculties and facilities, creating premises for those aspiring to media (art) to create and study, as well as offering venues for them to present their efforts.
Meanwhile, Japanese media artists have been active overseas, and even curators specializing in media art within Japan now sit on panels and judging committees for foreign media art festivals. So much so, in fact, it often seems that Japanese media art is more visible abroad than domestically, perhaps an indication that the international scene is still more open to media art genre.
All these circumstances offer more than enough reason to survey and assess what's going on today in Japanese media art; to look at the emerging new generation of media arts and the diverse directions they are exploring here in Japan.
This exhibition brings together a total of twelve emerging young media artists (and artist units) selected by five curators--ICC's own curator, plus four media art authorities from like-minded institutions throughout Japan--as an attempt to show the range of Japan's most cutting-edge media art in all its special characteristics and qualities.

Participating Artists
ANDO Takahiro, exonemo, OHATA Sayaka, KASUGA Akira, SAITO Masakazu,
SAWAI Taeji, JO Kazuhiro, MANABE Daito, SUZUKI Taro, TOKUI Nao, NAKAI Iori,
HASHIMOTO Norihisa, YAMAMOTO Tsutomu, ressentiment

ABE Kazunao (Yamagichi Center for Arts and Media)
SHIKATA Yukiko (Mori Art Museum)
SHIMIZU Kento (Sendai Mediatheque)
HATANAKA Minoru (NTT Inter Communication Center)
MORIYAMA Tomoe (Tokyo Metropolotan Museum of Photography)