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June 22 - July 29, 2001 Gallery B


"Baby Play" interlinks a large-scale foosball field ("Baby Play" is derived from the French name for foosball, "baby foot") with the Net as a ME-motion(memory-emotion) playing field. "Baby Play" is installation 1.0 of Cheang's "Locker Baby" project (2001-2002), which features three Net installations based on a fictional scenario set in the year 2030. Produced by the Dolly Polly Transgency (DPT) with genes extracted from deep sea pearls, the clone generation of Locker Babies are born out of Tokyo coin lockers and entrusted to retrieve our collective deposits of ME-motion data on the Net.

"Baby Play" is comprised of an immense foosball playing field (15m x 7.5m), 22 inflatable designer locker babies (140cm in height), 8 playing rods (5m in length), a large-scale projection and a "Baby Play" website. As local gallery participants engage in a game of foosball, the image of the ball bouncing in the actual playing field is sent to the ME-motion virtual field on the Net. The movement of the ball in the actual playing field is tracked by 36 touch sensors and sent to the "Baby Play" website where the virtual moving ball retrieves sound and text files as ME-motion data. The public is invited to utilize the 36 virtual lockers for data deposit and to play ball on the Net.