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Jun.14 - 17 ,1999 [Finished] Gallery D


What is Mego ?

mego is an independent label based in Vienna, Austria, but its extremely radical activities transcend the normal boundaries of a so called label. These past few years, mego and its conspirators have been performing and wreaking havoc in renowned sound and art festivals around the world. Back in the day, they were barely categorized as "techno", but now they are embarking on a journey into a completely unchartered world of electronic music.

mego is now daringly exploring the possibilities of electronic music in the forms of dance music, contemporary/avant-garde music, and noise/experimental music, then destroying, reconstructing, and reshuffling these forms again . Their thrilling techno noises which seem like sounds coming from bad circuit connections, and their mastery of sampling technology give us a glimpse of computer music in its most extreme form(by the way, they only use Powerbooks in performance). Playing at violently loud volumes, or almost silently at the border of auditory perception, they confuse, mutate, and expand the sense of hearing of listeners.

mego is coming in full force to Japan. There is Pita who is the label spokesman and an ultra-minimal pulse musician, General Magic comprised of Pita and Rehberg & Bauer, Fennesz who is a guitarist known for doing Beach Boys and Rolling Stones covers, mego's secret weapon trio Farmers Manual, Haswell who is engineer for the likes of Panasonic and Jimi Tenor, and collaborator with Masami Akita(Merzbow), and mego's incredible visual team Skot. These 6 groups, composed of 9 people in total, are invading Japan.

At the ICC, these groups will put on completely different shows each day for three dates(January 14, 16, 17). Besides the mego crew, Ryoji Ikeda, Merzbow, Filament(Yoshihide Otomo and Sachiko M.), Zbigniew Karowski, and Jim O'rourke(who works in a trio with Pita and Fennesz) will also perform. On January 15th, the members of mego, Yoshihide Otomo, and Atsushi Sasaki will be holding a symposium free of admission.
This concert will not only be a showcase of mego's artists, but a testament to the intersection between sound, art, and technology in 1999.We hope many will be there to witness it.

Atsushi Sasaki/Headz