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"Art et interactivit?"
"Destination of Media Art"

Oct.15 (Friday) - Nov.28 (Sunday) ,1999 [Finished] Gallery A, D(Part of the works will be shown in Gallery B)


The "ICC Biennale", held every two years, is an exhibition based upon a system of nomination of artists. The exhibition aims to seek out new possibilities for expression in the field of the media arts, and to discover, nurture, and support outstanding newcomers.

Artists who are nominated as candidate exhibitors by a group of experts present a plan of their works according to the designated theme. The first screening is then conducted by a panel of judges composed of international experts, whereupon the works to be created and exhibited are decided from among the submitted plans. From the works exhibited, the winners of the Grand Prix (a prize of million) and two Runners-up (a prize of エ1 million each) will be decided at the opening of the exhibition.

The first exhibition "ICC Biennale '97" was held from 25 October to 7 December 1997 under the theme of "Communication/Discommunication," with the participation of nine artists from seven countries. In 1997 the Grand Prix went to "Landscape One" by Luc Courchesne (Canada), and the Runners-up to" Audible Distance" by MAEBAYASHI Akitsugu (Japan) and "Buy One Get One" by Shu Lea CHEANG (United States), and these works remain on permanent exhibition at the ICC.

"ICC Biennale '99", marking the second exhibition in the series, will be held under the theme of "Interaction," with the participation of ten artists (or groups) chosen from various countries around the world, including Japan, France and the United States.

"Interaction" which can be any cooperative activity from joint creation to mutual influence, is both a phenomenon and an action that now pervades our daily lives through the medium of info-communications. In the works displayed in this exhibition, viewers may discover various kinds of interaction --- interaction with others and with society, interaction with specific locations or with nature as a whole, or in the form of a fictional story. These new modes of artistic expression making creative use of the very latest technologies will give us a taste of the coming 21st century.