Participation Artist's

Post Sampling Music Theory

June 27, 1998 (Sat.) from 3:30 p.m. [Finished] Gallery D


With the emergence of sampling machines (samplers) in the 1980s, music and music production have changed greatly. Notable changes are the switchover to CD from the conventional form of music media, and digitalization of the production environment as exemplified in desk-top music and hard disk recording. It is natural that the change in the media should induce a change in the composer's environment and approach. The recent music and its production environment are creating something special that could not have been conceived before the days of digitalization. In this situation, network technology is giving rise to a new phase of music production.

German techno group OVAL (Markus Popp)'s new release "dok" was produced through file exchange with Christophe Charles, which means that music produced by Christophe Charles is processed by Markus Popp. Markus Popp has developed software called OVAL PROCESS for converting all kinds of music into OVAL sounds. Although the OVAL PROCESS was not used for "dok," every part of the piece sounds like OVAL. This is an instance of an artist disclosing his production environment and production process (OVAL PROCESS) by presenting a system which enables everyone to produce similar works. This may be regarded as a new concept of sampling in the sense that it is an act of digesting rather than sharing the production process.

A similar concept is put into shape in the world of computer software under a project called GNU. A group named GNUsic Project experiments with the music production environment on the network and proposes the concept of "copyleft" instead of copyright. A member of the group, Akihiro Kubota, says, "Even if musicians have different views on life and music, it must be possible for them to share the same process (or part of it) of reaching their goal." Are they trying not only to complete their work as the final form of expression but also to enjoy the process of producing that work and all things related to production?

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