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September 12, 1998 (Sat.), from 14:00 hours [Finished] Gallery D


There is a growing interest in media art as cutting-edge technology penetrates into various sectors of society. In culture and art, in particular, the possibility of new technology creating new expression in the "moderne" context has attracted much attention of not only artists but also experts in artistic theory and aesthetics. Facilities which exclusively display media art are springing up on a global scale, examples being Japan's NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC) and Germany's Art & Media Technology Center (ZKM). The time has come in which media art is being recognized as a branch of modern art and its social role has to be explored.

We are holding lectures and a symposium on media art by German and Japanese experts. This will provide a golden opportunity to study the theory of media art, media art as related to society and its potential, and the future of media art.