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"Simultaneous Perspective "
"Buy One Get One"
"Landscape One"
"Step to...Word"
"Scream, therefore I am"
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Saturday, October 25, 1997 through Sunday, December 7, 1997 [Finished] Gallery A, D


"Scream, therefore I am"
YUAN Goang-Ming

As one enters the room one is confronted by a face that appears to be projected onto a powder (phosphor), which is in fact supported by a rubber membrane that is stretched over a large bass speaker. Some two meters behind this is a large glass disc. A track connects the two objects ( bass speaker and glass disc ) which allows the speaker to move back and forth. The artwork functions with the use of phosphor powder which after fifteen seconds holds the projection onto its surface. After this period the projector automatically switches itself off, with the use of the light sensor attached to the projector`s lens. The speaker apparatus then would move itself gradually under the glass disc along the track, where it stops. Once the speaker is under the disc, a scream is played over the speaker. The scream slowly disintegrates the image as if it had melted.