Note - ANZAI Toshihiro
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December 2 - 19, 1994 [Finished]


ICC Newschool Workshop "Ninohashi Renga" was carried out on two days, between September 6 and 8, 1994, under the concept of "renga (linked image)" by ANZAI Toshihiro and NAKAMURA Rieko, as an experimental workshop involving collaboration using a LAN network.
The "renga" workshop, which was named "Ninohashi" from the place where it was carried out, place with Toshihiro ANZAI as the master and ANZAI's "renga" partner NAKAMURA Rieko as the supporter, and joined by 20 members ("renju") who were selected by public solicitation. And the workshop went on to form a network of empathy and shared feelings through the impact of images and responses to the images.
First, a scribbling made by a ten-year old girl named Elizabeth on NAKAMURA's drawing when ANZAI and NAKAMURA carried out a "renga" session at "SIGGRAPH" in 1994, was used as the "seed drawing," and 20 members linked up with the seed and created their own works. Linking may take the form of a mapping of that image, a sampling of the outline, carrying forward the theme, and/or adding to that seed drawing itself. What is important is that such images have some link with the original image to which they are linked. When there is no seed which strikes some chord with a certain "generation", then, it is possible to put down the brush. The first works that are created in this way comprise the first generation, which, then, serve as the seed for the next generation. In this manner, then, the this kind of cycle is repeated over many generations, and a piece of "knitting work" is created in the period of two days. At the exhibition, a map showing the intermingling of influence is shown, and an data search equipment for "reading" the polyphony is set up. At the same time, ICC Net "Yotsuya Renga" is to be carried forth through personal computer communication, with the aim of unfolding a new "renga."