ICC Report


Japan-Germany Media Art Symposium

September 12, 1998
Gallery D

The Japan-Germany Media Art Symposium was jointly organized by NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC) and Goethe-Institut Tokyo. Entitled "Future Form of Media Art--Theory and Prospect" and held in Gallery D on Saturday, September 12, it featured three well-known specialists in media art from Germany and Japan: Friedrich KITTLER, a professor at Humboldt University in Berlin; Boris GROYS, a professor at Karlsruhe University of Plastic Arts; and MORIOKA Yoshitomo, an assistant professor at Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics. After each spoke, the three participated in a panel discussion.

In "Introduction to Computer Graphics, Beyond Technical Bounds," KITTLER ranged from basic problems in computer graphics images to such theoretical or philosophical issues as vision and natural perception. GROYS, in "Problems in the Presentation of Media Art in the Museum Context," discussed how the museum will be transformed by media art. In "Japan's Media Art Education--Present Situation and Future Challenges," MORIOKA gave a practical report on educational programs employing media art, using videos.

Since the three participants' fields of specialization and interests differ, the post-lecture discussion was not restricted to a single theme but turned into a passionate exchange of views over a wide range of issues, including such essential questions as freedom of expression in media art as well as topics raised in the individual lectures. It was highly meaningful that--with the field in an ongoing technical revolution and new departures constantly appearing--these international experts gathered to add depth to our discourse on media art.


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