ICC Report

ICC's New Collection Now on Display

The three prize winning works of the ICC Biennale '97 held in October 1997 joined the ICC's collection and have been on display since April 1998. The Grand Prix winner áLandscape Oneâ by Canada's Luc COURSCHESNE allows viewers to converse with a figure in a multimedia screen by using a touch-sensitive panel. The Runner-up Prize winners were Japan's MAEBAYASHI Akitsugu for his áAudible Distanceâ and the United States' Shu Lea CHEANG for her áBuy One Get Oneâ. The former is an installation of an enclosed space in which the visitor, equipped with a head-mounted display and headphone, perceives others via artificially created visual and audio senses. The latter is a work which makes use of a network.

All three pieces represent the leading edge characteristics of media art-they experiment with new forms of communication via interactive technologies, try to acquire new sensibilities by expanding bodily functions, or use the Internet to search for links between self and society.

On this occasion, a new edition of ICC Concept Bookwas released as part of a set with ICC Collection 1998, which is now available for \3,675 per set (tax included).

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