InterCommunication No.16 1996

InterCity PRAGUE

New Media in Contemporary Arts 4/4

Another work, which is a more abstract representation of the human perception of a contemplative and holistic universe, is the computer animation by Janka VIDOVA ZACKOVA. It draws the viewer into a dark, moving, continuously changing space of black and white holes and spots -- a space-time continuum where the borders of reality are dismissed. Then, there is the multimedia piece of Martin JANICEK, "Image Mundi", which tries to transpose a mandala, a spiritual map of the world, into a contemporary form. The artist takes a minimalist approach to the conjunction of the micro and macro cosmos using the energy of light and sound waves. An interactive artificial environment was created by Federico DIAZ in collaboration with the Degat Group. In a large box, the projection of a motion picture and a computer sound program interact with the voices and appearances of the audience, in order to simulate an abstract hallucinatory universe. David CERNY's video installation "Beasts" plays with the voyeur-like relationship between the viewer and the monitor. In this piece, when the audience approaches a pillar-shaped object with light coming from a monitor on top of it, the light goes off. In what is almost certainly the most immaterial and conceptual piece of the exhibition, "Emptiness," by Milan GUSTAR, the question is raised of what is the relationship between technology, our inborn imagination and the authenticity of our senses and perception. The visitors are told that a modulated ultrasound field has a subliminal effect on them as it synchronizes with their brain activities. In this Prague show, which was dedicated to new media and the transition zone between fiction -- the virtual and the real -- this work, with no visible technology, but rather a simulation of technology, was probably the most transparent, enigmatic, hermetic and significant installation. Each visitor had a uniquely individual experience. Perhaps, emptiness and the void are the ultimate state we can reach in the environment that surrounds us by an eternally advancing technology. We exist with instruments that presuppose the ability to grasp an entire universe filled with data, visions, shapes, and colors -- instruments that are programmed to make everything forever visible, omnipresent and controlled.

Coordination:SEI Keiko
Special Thanks to: ANDO Aki


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