The City of Distorted Spaces
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The distribution of "attracting" dots and "attracted"dots, e.g., "facilities" and "people." Here the workings of invisible forces are visualized as distortions of space.

The City of Distorted Spaces

This program expresses the absorbing force of fixed points and the movement of mobile points in three-dimensional distortions of the field. The fixed points (where dots are clustered in the diagram) and mobile points (the grid) are postulated. The mobile points are attracted to the fixed points and then back to their points of origin, in a repeating action.
The conversion of the concepts of "pull" and "cluster" to the "distortion of space" is an aid to intellectual and intuitive sunderstanding. This has potential as a tool for discovering the position of maximum effectiveness for actual architectural plans. It might be used in order to determine the optimal location for several key facilities in a city, for example, through consideration of differences in access on foot or by public transportation, service times, and user group.


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