"a circular structure for the internal observer"
HIRAKAWA Norimichi

photo: KIOKU Keizo

A computer-generated image projected onto the wall is transformed by sounds generated by the computer that originally drew it. That is to say, the image changes in accordance with how actively the computer is operating. The work is structured so that when the image transforms, a load is placed on the computer, causing the sound of the drive to change, which in turn impacts the generated image again.

Just as holding a microphone to the speaker to which the microphone is attached causes howling, in systems where there is an output for every input, the action of inputting the output back into the system is called "feedback." This work has a circular structure in which the sounds generated by the computer are input as parameters and images generated in real time. Once the system is started up, it continues generating images and sounds in a closed system, but because outputting the noise of the computer through the speakers means that noise is constantly being input into the system, it is said to be impossible for this system to generate exactly the same image twice. Internal observation refers to observing an observed object not from the outside but from the inside of the system, and in this work the transformation of the projected images is also impacted by the degree of noise in the exhibition space as visitors move through.

HIRAKAWA Norimichi Profile

HIRAKAWA Norimichi was born in 1982. He creates works with computer programming and real-time processing, focusing mainly on image/sound installations. Using intuitive interfaces and interactive expressions he creates works that enable viewers to experience on a macroscopic scale events that are ordinarily difficult to perceive. These works encourage people to reinterpret the everyday affairs through new senses, stimulating observers' imaginations as a device that enables people to rediscover the world.
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