Participation Artist's

December.20 (Friday), 2002 - March.28 (Friday), 2003 Entrance Lobby


The theory of networks and networking is providing us with radical new insights into the underlying processes of nature, economy, and society. The "Web of Life" is conceived as a multidisciplinary project that conjoins art and science to give form and expression to this fundamentally important new realm of understanding. Its three components are a book titled "The New Web of Life: the Art of Networked Living", a large scale distributed interactive artwork, and a web site. Formulated by the writer Michael Gleich and artist Jeffrey Shaw, the project is sponsored by the Aventis Foundation and is being created and produced at the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe by a prominent team of artists, designers, architects, scientists, and technicians.The project commences at the ZKM on March 22, 2002 and continues through till December 2003. The distributed nature of the artwork will allow it to be manifest at numerous interconnected locations world wide during this period, while the book and Web site extend the scope of this project to an even larger public.

The book
"The New Web of Life -the Art of Networked Living" gives an insightful explanation to the laws of networks and how persons can navigate and utilize all types of communicative and social networking. Published first in German and later in English, the book provides an erudite and useful theoretical framework for the Web of Life project as a whole.

The web site
www.web-of-life.de provides general information about the project, its makers, partners, and sponsors, as well as URLs to selected sites that are concerned with the subject of network theory and practice. It also presents an up-to-date schedule of locations of the four traveling installations, with live Web cam feeds from each of them and an active display of the visual outcomes caused by the scanned input of the participants' hand lines.