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‘dangling media’


‘dangling media’


A live performance in which the band members operate radio-controlled helicopters to control frequencies; “music score” composition and performance that manipulate the materiality of music sheets; and self-portraits taken with digital cameras modified by circuit bending. This exhibition introduces these three latest projects of TANIGUCHI Akihiko, who has launched wide-ranging activities based on the concept of “dangling.”
“Dangling” is the word TANIGUCHI uses to express the contradictory status, e.g. the relationship between “ground and figure” in the arts, or the existence of interfaces that intermediate in the relationship between two terms that are often regarded as opposing, such as “plan and practice,”“material and information,” or “inside and outside.” TANIGUCHI focuses on the indefinable, ambiguous conditions that suddenly emerge between two opposing terms-he senses that there is a "materiality of unseen medium," and thus confronts it with detached humor and sincerity. In fact, TANIGUCHI himself, who continues to explore "dangling media," may himself be the existence of a dangling medium.



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